Did you know that?

Did you know that an ill-maintained air conditioning system could allow mold spores and accumulated bacteria to settle in your lungs? A moldy, bacteria-filled system can also cause blockage and disrupted airflow leading to higher energy consumption and electricity bills.

Firstly, by switching your aircon on and off, it will build a warm, damp and dark environment that promotes mold and bacteria growth. Such harmful environment needs to be avoided at all cause.

Apparently, most filters fail to remove bacteria and mold spores. Thus, they get trapped in moist aircon coils. These viruses can cause great damage to the system and to yourself.

Therefore, such blockages caused means higher electricity bills. Apart from bad odour, airborne mold and bacteria heightens allergy risks and breathing problems.

Hence, Allied Aircon Engineering specialises to eradicate these problems and purifying surrounding air before aircon takes in return air from home surroundings.

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