Aircon Reviews

Singapore is a country with a hot climate throughout the year. It can get quite uncomfortable for residents to live in such a warm environment for prolonged periods of time. This is when air conditioning comes in as a highly valued utility at home or in any living or office space. Air conditioner is an appliance that has become a ubiquity in almost every living space in Singapore. can get quite confusing in choosing which one to have at home.

The Singapore government has done much in keeping safety standards for air conditioning units high in order to minimize energy costs for citizens. The government not only raised the bar in terms of energy efficiency, but also for standards of architectural designs so that they incorporate more air flow into structures. All these have been helpful in reducing the costs incurred for heating and cooling in Singapore. However, even with such measures, there are some air dynamics that can only be improved by mechanisms within the air conditioning unit. The quality of circulated air, for instance, is very much controlled by the aircon unit. Stale air can accumulate and become trapped in the unit and cause mold buildup and foul odors.


How to Choose Your Aircon

There are many types of aircon out in the market. They come in many different shapes, sizes, capabilities, prices, and energy efficiency standard ratings. It can be confusing when choosing and buying aircon in Singapore. Read about our aircon brand reviews below:

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Maintaining & Servicing Your Aircon

At Allied Aircon, we provide a range of aircon services. Find out more about the specific work we do:

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