Practical Tips for Aircon Energy Saving


Aircon energy and money saving

Nothing compares to coming home to a cool and comfortable room that will calm your tired body and mind after a long day of hard work. However, you might still worry about the high electricity bills from having your aircon turned on. Here are a few practical aircon energy saving tips for you:

Choose aircon with inverter technology

Inverter technology is the newest advancement in air conditioning systems. An inverter aircon is able to cool quickly and routinely slow down the compressor motor when the ideal temperature is attained. This would automatically reduce the energy consumption whenever the compressor motor slows down its running.

Inverter aircon may costs a lot more compared to other air conditioner without the technology. However, it will save you much more on your electricity bills in the long run.

Maintain the coolness of your home

Are there any spaces in your window that allow sunlight in? You can prevent the heat from entering your house through sealing these spaces. You can also use curtains to shield your room against the sun. Always remember to draw curtains when you leave the house. This helps to keep it cool even when the sun is hot outside.

Use your aircon together with a fan

Let the fan take over while you let the aircon shut off occasionally. This would lower your electricity bill while still allowing you to enjoy some coolness.

Use your aircon’s timer

If you cannot afford an inverter aircon, it is still possible to save money by using your non-inverter aircon intelligently. For example, when using the aircon while you sleep, you can set a timer to shut off the aircon 1 – 2 hours prior to waking up. The remaining coolness will be enough to last you until the morning. This saves you the electricity for powering two hours of the aircon.

Reach home after the sun sets

When you leave your house for school or work before the sun becomes sweltering, you will not need to use your aircon at home. Similarly, if you arrive home just as the sun is about to set, you can just take a bath and turn on the fan after you get home to enjoy the cool evening.