Aircon Tips: How to Maintain Air Conditioner

All kinds of cooling systems, from centralised cooling systems to window and split air conditioners, need routine maintenance to be done for continuous optimum performance. This is especially true in Singapore where aircon is used daily and extensively in the heat and humidity. Regardless of whether you are staying in a HDB apartment, condominium or landed property, there are some simple, quick aircon tips that owners can follow by themselves to routinely check on their systems.


To maintain your air conditioner at optimum working condition, you can carry out the following aircon tips:

Cleaning and changing of air filters

Cleaning and changing your air filters every few months helps keep your system clean and lowers electrical consumption. If you have any pets at home that shed a lot, you have to make sure that the cleaning and changing is done more frequently.

Ensuring good air flow

Restricted air flow hampers effective cooling. Avoid covering the indoor cooling unit with curtains or drapes when it is in operation. As for the outdoor cooling system, it is important that you make sure there are no obstructions, such as the hedges or plantings that you may want to use for concealing, at least 12-15 inches from it.

Cleaning condenser coils properly

Before you commence any maintenance on the condenser, make sure you have disconnected the power at the condenser. The condenser can become dirty and have clogged filters that can obstruct the coils and fins on the outside. You can clean the fins by using a nylon brush to remove dust particles and a garden hose to remove the leaves, grass or any bigger debris effectively. Spraying the exterior of the condenser with garden hose can easily remove dirt, while the components and the metal areas can be rinsed to get rid of dirt and debris. You should also ensure that the bottom of your air conditioner is cleaned thoroughly so that the condensate water can be picked up by the condensing fanslinger properly.

Appropriate cycling of cooling system

Air conditioners work the same way and apply a similar technology as refrigerators. It is essential that you do not keep switching between “on” and “off” too quickly. You should give your system at least 10 minutes to properly cool down after shutting down before you switch it on again. This will help prolong the life of your air conditioning system.

Properly programming the thermostat

If you are using a centralised air conditioning system, setting the thermostat at a little higher temperature during the day and adjusting it back to a lower temperature during the night can save a lot in the electricity bill. Nowadays, you can also purchase programmable thermostats with timers or can be controlled over Wi-Fi or smartphones from a different location. Since window units use more energy, they can be shut off when you leave the room to conserve power.


It is best that you still opt for periodical qualified HVAC (heat, ventilating, and air-conditioning) personnel inspections. And in any case of failure of your cooling system, you can call for a service technician after ensuring the following is not the cause of the problem:

  • Is the system connected to the power mains and switched on properly?
  • Is the temperature set below the room temperature?
  • Is the thermostat switch set properly – to heating or cooling?

Don’t hesitate to contact us at Allied Aircon regarding any concerns you may have. We are always happy to serve you and your family!