Casement Air Conditioner

What is a casement air conditioner?

Casement air conditioners, while not as common in Singapore, are also popularly known as vertical or slider air conditioners. The name is derived from the fact that they are installed on windows that slides from left to right as opposed to the ones that open outwards. Casement air conditioner is all-inclusive with all the parts required for functionality included in the unit.

What are the benefits of a casement air conditioner?

  • Simple installation: This is the simplest Do-it-yourself project you can ever engage in. You will only require basic tools like a screw driver, a tape measure, level, hammer and drill. Since they are quite heavy, you may also need help to carry it up and down.
  • Low cost: Casement air conditioners come in handy for consumers unable to purchase expensive central air conditioner units. It is even more cost effective when used in small spaces, such as tiny offices, rental blocks, and small houses.
  • Suitable for Tenants: As opposed to a home owner, a tenant may want to move from time to time. Due to its portability, you can easily carry it with you to your new apartment.
  • Convenient: Casement air conditioners occupy little space and will not clutter your room. Since you’re installing it on a window, your overall floor space will not be compromised unlike having a portable air conditioner.
  • Highly-efficient: It is able to cool a relatively large surface area using little energy.

How do I install a casement air conditioner?

They easily slide onto casement windows made from wood frames. If the house is made of bricks or cement then it would be necessary that you place a long narrow piece of wood plank just below the air conditioner. Armed with the basic tools mentioned earlier and a helping hand, you should be able to mount your casement air conditioner in no time. However if you encounter any complications during the installation, do not hesitate to contact us at Allied Aircon for expert assistance.

What are the things to consider before purchasing a casement air conditioner?

  • Measurement of the window size: Ensure the size of the window matches the requirements stipulated in the installation manual.
  • Placement of the window: The window should be located in a place where it can allow for adequate fresh air to get into the room without obstruction. The air conditioner should not be placed under direct sunlight. You will also require an independent 230 volt and 110 volt circuit for a large and small casement air conditioner respectively. Be sure to ensure that the window is near an electrical outlet.
  • Maintenance of the aircon: Unlike the other air conditioning systems, casement air conditioners do not have a valve for refrigerant refilling. Handle your air conditioner with care as maintenance and servicing can be quite costly.
  • Contact professionals if unsure of how to install: Our Allied Aircon technicians are always ready to come to your assistance. Remember that the proper installation of the casement air conditioner is key to its ideal functioning and efficiency.

Contact us at Allied Aircon if you need to install your casement aircon to fight the heat and humidity in Singapore today!