Daikin Aircon

Daikin Aircon Singapore is a manufacturer that offers a variety of air conditioning solutions for customers. Daikin is a manufacturer of air purification systems, ventilation solutions, as well as air handling units. With customer satisfaction being the foremost concern for the company, Daikin is focused on creating a comfortable atmosphere for any living space through innovative technological features.


Durable and high quality mechanisms

Daikin aircon manufacturer creates every unit with quality assurance that begins from the most minute details of the manufacturing process. Made with the best materials to withstand the effects of years and efficient technology, Daikin aircon is durable and of high quality. The aircon models includes features such as timers, minimal noise production, and automatic restarts. Daikin is confident with creating reliable quality aircon units, and that is why it can provide customers with a five year warranty.

Energy-efficient technology

Energy saving is not only a trendy but also very practical concept both for your wallet and mother nature. Energy-efficiency is incorporated into Daikin aircons and they have surpassed the standards set by the Singapore government. Units are equipped with the reluctance DC motor, a feature that enhances efficiency levels by up to 20% without compromising on the unit’s performance capabilities. Daikin also invests in research to better improve the mechanisms within the aircon units, including research in electronics, mechanics and even chemistry, to be incorporated into the aircon units in order to make them more energy-efficient. As a result, the company creates energy-efficient air conditioning products that are not only economically aware, but also easy to use and reliable.

Intelligent technology

Eco-friendly yet functional – now that is a good balance. Air conditioning products from Daikin are able to cool an area big enough to accommodate over 20 people almost instantaneously. How does it work? Simple – instant cooling feature. Instead of waiting for the unit to warm up in order to begin its cooling procedure, the intelligent technology in these products enables the machine to begin working immediately and hence be able to cool a large area quickly. What’s more is that the intelligent eye feature is able to detect changes in body temperature and adjust accordingly. Once the room is empty for longer than 20 minutes, the feature will automatically shutdown the unit.


Overall, Daikin is one-of-a-kind air conditioning manufacturer that takes into account technological innovations and balances it beautifully with energy savings, efficiency and eco-friendliness, when developing their air conditioning models. The result of such integration amounts to comfortable environments whether in residential and commercial. You can enjoy the ease of use, cost-saving, extremely high performance units to keep you cool in the hot weather of Singapore within a Daikin aircon. Call us today to get a quote for Daikin aircon in Singapore!