Air Conditioner Buying Guide for Your Home

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Planning to buy air conditioner for your home? These are some important questions you should ask yourself before buying and choosing aircon:

Does your home really need air conditioner?

This is one of the initial questions you should ask yourself. Most homeowners feel the need to install air conditioner in their new home. But do you frequently use the aircon? If you are currently contented with a standing fan, why should you install aircon?

But of course, we all know that Singapore is hot and humid all-year-round, so most of us would welcome the addition of aircon in our homes.

Am I willing and able to afford the additional electrical bills?

Upon noticing the significant increase in their monthly electric bills, some homeowners decide to stop using the air conditioner.

Where do I need an air conditioner in my home?

Your choice of where to install the air conditioner is the main variable in determining the aircon system combination. For example, if you have a 4-room flat and want cooling for the living room and all bedrooms, you are likely to either get a system 3+ single split or a system 4.

Which is my preferred brand of an air conditioner?

If you have yet to determine your ideal choice of air conditioner, you can:

  • Ask your family and friends for a recommendation.
  • Make an effort of visiting a few retail shops
  • Read through catalogs
  • Look for reviews on the internet

What kind of features are of utmost importance to me?

There are a variety of air conditioners in the market each designed with certain unique characteristics. For example:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Capability of functioning in the silent mode

Ideally, some aircons are custom-made to match your existing home décor. Determine the air conditioners with your desired features and list them down. After that, choose your TOP 3 air conditioner models.

Shopping and choosing aircon

These are some steps you can follow while shopping and choosing your home’s ideal air conditioner:

  1. Visit several retail shops seeking for the help of available salespersons. Show them your list of the three models you are considering and politely request for their advice. Even better, you can also seek for their advice on the system combination, non-inverter or inverter, R22 or R410A, etc. Keep the first visit solely for the selection of aircon models.
  2. When you’re home, select the model you want base on the advice given. Decide and proceed for the return visit.
  3. While on the return visit, seek clarifications on installation materials, prices, warranty, after sales services, installation procedures, etc.
  4. Lastly, make a sales confirmation with your preferred retail shop. To be thorough, go through the details and record everything on the sales invoice.

Air conditioner terms and jargons

There are several technical terms used in air conditioning you should be aware of when buying and choosing aircon:

  • BTU (British thermal units): This is a unit for cooling capacity; the higher the BTU value, the higher the cooling power.
  • Outdoor unit: This is the bulky rectangular unit mounted on a stainless steel bracket or at the aircon ledge, and commonly referred to as the “compressor” by most people.
  • Indoor unit: This is the aircon unit inside your home.
  • Inverter: The more energy efficient and more expensive aircon with “variable speed”.
  • Non-inverter: A conventional aircon with a “fixed speed”.
  • Single split: it has one indoor unit and one outdoor unit.
  • System 2 or 3, 4 and 5: the figure stands for the number of indoor units to outdoor units.