Panasonic Aircon

Panasonic aircon is one of the top electronic brands that has recently gained popularity in Singapore due to the wide variety of air conditioning products that they offer. You might remember that this is the company that brought you the ductless aircon, otherwise known as the split. Over a short period, the Panasonic Air Conditioning group has evolved into the giant that it is today through continuous product improvement in terms of innovation and technology.

The selling point of the Panasonic brand is the fact that they are a solution-oriented firm. This is why their products are indispensable to both homes and commercial enterprises. The company has also been able to earn the trust of its customers through providing products that are not only efficient but also reliable. Panasonic aircon units come with a wide variety of features, which is another reason why most Singaporeans are opting for Panasonic aircon.

What’s more, the company’s air-conditioning products come in a variety of models and finishes that are tailored specifically to your needs. Whether you want your cooling equipment to be mounted on the ceiling or the wall, Panasonic has got you covered. Below are more reasons why you should consider choosing Panasonic air-conditioning products:


Sturdy Buttons

Often, people get disappointed and frustrated with electronic equipment with buttons that are not functional or are difficult to operate with. Panasonic engineers know this all too well and have therefore introduced buttons that are not only easy to use, but also powerful. These buttons for the Panasonic aircon units have been optimized so that you get immediate response at just a touch of a button or turning of a knob. Next time you enter a humid room, all you need to do is gently touch the buttons and the powerful machine will spring to life and provide cool refreshing air.

Inverter technology

The inverter technology is the hallmark of the Panasonic. It is a technology where your air conditioning appliances are optimized in their functioning so that they are running very efficiently. Since they consume a lot lesser energy, your electricity bill will drop significantly. Why pay more to cool your interior while you can settle for less with your favorite brand?

Easy to operate panel

The air-conditioning unit just like all other electronic equipment requires maintenance and regular check-up. Panasonic aircon have been designed such that you can get a quick access by opening one panel. The maintenance units of all appliances have been made safe for you to clean and dust with ease. You do not have to worry about electrocution as the panel has been tested and approved for safety, so no harm will happen to you as long as you adhere to the instructions indicated on your manual.

Quiet unit

All Panasonic aircon units have been uniquely made so that they are quiet. Even under extreme conditions where the aircon has to be subjected to work for a prolonged time, the system will still be silent except for occasional low-toned sounds that are standard for all equipment.

Odor management

Odor management is one outstanding feature of all Panasonic aircon. Normally, most cooling equipment would develop a particular unwanted foul smell that results from the accumulation of moisture. It is not a very pleasant odor and as such, the manufacturers have put preventive and self-cleaning measures in so you would not be troubled by the unwanted smell.

Long lasting compressor

The compressor is primarily the engine of the cooling machine. The quality of the work done by the machine is directly related to the compressor power. That is why Panasonic have produced compressors that are not only durable, but also efficient even after prolonged hours of use.

Longer life

A feature known as the Blue Fin Condenser is unique to Panasonic aircon. The appliances enjoy a longevity of up to three times more than their counterparts because they are coated with an anti-rust layer. There may be other brands that may have a similar feature, but they would not match Panasonic aircon that gives you a lifetime guarantee.

Patrol sensor

The patrol sensor is an extraordinary feature to clean air from the aircon. The machine picks up microscopic substances that are poisonous and dissolves them so that it does not mix with the air. Even if you turn off the aircon, the patrol sensor is always on standby.

With the Super Alleru Buster filter, allergens, viruses, and bacteria are all filtered out so that you can enjoy fresh, cool air that is safe and healthy. This is particularly useful for homes or places with children and/or vulnerable adults that are sensitive to such allergies.