Terms to know when purchasing an aircon unit

Several terms are important for you to know before you purchase your air con unit from an air con vendor.
It is always good to know more in case in any situations the sales representative from the company tries to “smoke” you during the purchasing process.

When sourcing for a new purchase for an air conditioning system for your house, it is best to have some general knowledge because it is easy to get confused by the terms used by the sales person. For sales people, if they can’t convince you, they confuse you”. We try to stay positive that many aircon sales people are honest but there are always bad sales people who are out there to cheat owners who do not have knowledge to purchasing their air con system. Today we will touch on the terms to for you to have a better understanding.

Air Filters – An important term for you to know, you should understand from the sales people if the air filters in the system is easy to change and how it cleans the dust from the air. You must also ask them if the air filters replacement are easy to get in the local market. Having a great air con filter system will ensure great health improvements to your household lifestyle.

Air Handler – This process explains how the evaporator coil and the blower motor work in order to process the air moving around in your house. The sales representative should explain how it work during the purchasing stage.

Coils – Coils carry the Refrigerant from the compressor to remove the heat out from the home. The heat will then travels through the refrigerant and is being cooled before entering the ducts.

Compressor & Condenser – The compressor and condenser remove the heat inside your house. The compressor carries the refrigerant through the unit and the fan inside the condenser blows away the heat.

Cooling Load – This is a calculation to select the right air con unit for your home as it is  processed and measured by a technical manual named “Manual J”. It requires many factors to calculate which include, location of your house windows, the pattern your home doors and windows are sealed, levels of insulation and size of your house.

SEER – Energy efficiency ratio (EER) of the system. A higher EER means the better your aircon units can save for your utility bills. The minimum SEER score should be 13 while better units are scored in the mark of 20’s. This is important, as you should take note before making a purchase for your air conditioner system. For more EER information here is a page for your reference – IT’S ALL ABOUT THE SEER RATING.

Tons – The aircon should be measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units). These units are put in tons, a 12,000 BTUs is equivalent to a ton. More tons are required to cool your house if your home has a larger cooling load.

These are a few terms on air conditioning but there are more which we will cover slowly. In order to get the best deals for your dream home it is best to have some technical knowledge which will save you from paying more in the future. It would also allow you to gain a better deal from the right sales representative.