What are the benefits of doing regular aircon maintenance?
1 There will be better efficiency of the air con.
2 Water leakage will be minimized .
3 It can lower the repair and replacement costs if you do regular maintenance.
4 Enables you to save cost on your electrical bills by saving energy.
5 Your air con will last longer in a long run .

What does an air conditioner maintenance involve?
To maintain your air con it is recommended to clean up the external surface of the air conditioner and the water filter. This maintenance has to be done at least once a month but for best results try to do it twice a month if possible. This process will clear the accumulation of dust and dirt that is causing the air con to malfunction.

What is the frequency of  engaging an  aircon servicing?
It depends on how your use the air con, residential aircon servicing is required within every quarterly if you use it everyday. On the other hand, commercial air conditioners should be serviced every month for cool and fresh air.

What is the main benefits for signing up an air con service contract?
An annual air con maintenance contract would mean that the cost required is lesser than ad-hoc servicing. This contract allow your air conditioning system to be serviced for 1 year depending on how frequently you ask for a servicing to be performed. The cost will be lowered by 20% compared with ad-hoc services.

What is the ideal air con temperature for Singapore?
25 degrees is an ideal temperature for the air conditioner in Singapore. It would help to save a lot in your electrical bills and also allowing a better lifespan of your air con.

Any information I should read regarding energy saving?
National Environmental Agency (NEA) provides energy saving tips and info for effective energy efficiency. To have a better earth, it is important for us to save energy effectively. Good energy saving habit is important for our whole Singapore nation to follow.

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