Centralised/Ducted Aircon Maintenance

Ducted (or centralised) aircon provides an unobtrusive and out-of-sight means of cooling for homes and offices. Unfortunately, out-of-sight does not mean no need for maintenance or servicing. Like any air-conditioning system, ducted aircon requires regular maintenance for ideal functioning and hygiene.

Many home owners often neglect this importance of ducted aircon maintenance due to the follow reasons:

  • Hard-to-reach aircon unit concealed within false ceiling
  • Servicing the aircon may require the removal of false ceiling
  • Not all aircon maintenance company handle ducted aircon
  • Price may be high for those aircon maintenance company that does handle ducted aircon
  • Mold and bacterial growth within the aircon ducts are out-of-sight

Our experienced technicians at Allied Aircon Engineering can provide you with:

  • Use of pressure jet to effectively wash the aircon
  • Experienced and professional dismantling of ducted units
  • Minimum or ZERO need for removal of false ceiling
  • Reasonable charges

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Our Work on Ducted Aircon Cleaning & Maintenance

Washing with High Pressure Water Jet