We guarantee utmost dedicated service that meets your every need. Here’s what over 10,000 satisfied customers say about us.

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    “Their quick, detailed response and explanation of the air-con problem came at no hidden charges! They only fix and replace what is damaged.”

    Benny Heng

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    “AAE professionals understand air-con systems well. All in all, A-Class service!”

    Darren Kim

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    “My children prefer sleeping with the air-conditioning turned on every night, but this causes them to fall sick easily. After engaging AAE’s Chemical Hydro Jet Wash, my children now fall ill less frequently.”

    Geraldine Lim

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    “Speedy repair work that guarantees lasting quality.”

    John Chua

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    “The AAE team uses unique equipment and are always friendly and on time. I’ve had an old unit serviced, and it’s now as good as new.”

    Kelvin Quek

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    “I experience water leakage problems with my air-con system frequently, and previous technicians only managed to provide temporal solutions. AAE solved my problems permanently with just one visit!”

    Lucus Johnson

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